Who Are Patriots In the Fight?

You are.

       We all want to know what we can do to help make our country all it can be. Therefore, we must tell our congress, so they know what we want and need from them. It’s easy once they have settled in to forget what their job is and how they got where they are today.

        It happens to good people all the time when their situation drastically changes, they forget what’s important in life. Usually, it takes a family member to smack them on the side of the head (typically momma) and say “Hey! mind your manners and remember where you came from along with the values that created this great country.”

       All I ask is that everyone here uses this site to spread the love, like a momma would, to remind those in government what their roots are and where it should take them. Do not use this site to spread hate or dissension use it to share your beliefs in what needs done and how you feel your government should vote.

May God continue to bless America, Americans and all the children of the world.

From the Desk of a Patriot.

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