Labyrinth of Life

Picture copyright of Patriots in the Fight

Labyrinth of Life

If we follow a path, we will arrive at our goal even if it looks like we are headed the wrong direction in this moment, for tomorrow will be closer to our goal despite what we might observe today.

I went for a walk at a nearby park yesterday. On my walk while I was already a long trek from my car, rain began as a down pour and I was disheartened since I had an appointment afterwards. I kept walking anyway, rivulets of healing fluid melted the day away and the sky cleared. I walked on just a little further and that’s when the labyrinth came into view, peeking between the trees. I didn’t know it was there, but yesterday, it was the goal God laid out for me.

 I soon realized this labyrinth was very timely in my spiritual walk and life.

Taking my time I walked the entire labyrinth. As the path twisted and turned, an urge came to mind it would be just a little step over the line, to take a short cut. This urge came and went, I persevered. While I persevered, it became apparent that when I look at my goal and not the path, I stumbled. Finding the path I took was as important as the goal I intended to achieve. While often I appeared to be facing the wrong direction, it was because I just didn’t understand the route. Then suddenly I looked up and found my journey complete, I was at the labyrinths center. Having arrived at my goal, a stone bench surrounded by oaks, I took a seat damp with rain. So peaceful, my eyes fell closed of their own volition and fresh clean breaths of air cleansed my spirit of the path. In releasing turmoil from following the path, I was able to reflect on how like life it truly is. We can let the journey consume us or enjoy a peace from pursuing or attaining our goal.

(pictures in this post are of the location this event took place, taken at the time of the event.)

Picture copyright of Patriots in the Fight

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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