Untarnished Treasure

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

When we are very young, we don’t plan to live forever but death never enters our mind. We live life and enjoy all we can because its there and we don’t know of other things in life to fill our minds with. Even those with beginnings that overshadow a future as even possible. In their early years before they began to understand the workings of an adult mind, they found small pleasures in quiet moments. Others although teased and humiliated still found pleasure in climbing trees all the while looking out at all they survey. Some found pleasure in being surrounded by friends or a hug from family, no matter how long it’s been. Those pleasures are their treasures they tuck away and pull out as needed to help them get through the next ordeal of their little life. Some children only have a smile from a stranger to hold on to that get them through their life. The extraordinary faith of a brighter day, within tiny hearts is the single most beautiful thing in this world. When Christ said to be childlike, he didn’t mean blind to wrongs or to ignore lawlessness. He meant to be strong, faithful, loving indiscriminately and living by holding on to the treasures we store in our hearts. Treasures stored up by the little pleasures of each moment we hold dear no matter how trivial it may seem to others. Keep your treasure close to your heart and your troubles at arm’s length so you can pull out your treasure to lift your spirit and your troubles won’t tarnish your treasure.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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