Precious Life

Precious: Highly esteemed or cherished

Artist: Amanda Strasser

            When first we look upon a newborn with their innocence and promise of what their life may bring often our first thought is “How Precious”.  No matter if it is our own child or the child of someone we know, we recognize the beauty in their fresh start has not been tainted by what may come. It is indeed precious that they can enjoy their innocence and that they have not yet allowed the filth that can resides in the world to distort their outlook on their future. We pray for a beautiful future for them without pain. However, what we should be doing is praying they gain the tools to deal with the future pains we all go through. This helps us deal with all that life will be in a way that enriches our soul instead of weighting it down.

            These trials in life do not have to rule our future. It only rules us if we let it. Life is precious, that does not change because we are older and we have allowed our future to be tainted by thoughts that dwell on our past pain. Life is still precious. The future is bright if we focus on building beauty into our lives. Beauty of time with family, a moment alone in nature, relaxing with a pet, helping a friend, volunteering, following a dream no matter how long it takes to get there. When life no longer feels precious because of events beyond our control that is when we need to meditate in prayer that God helps us to heal. It is also when we must stop our selves and mentally say “no! I am going to think about how good the sun feels on my face right now.” What is happening right now, or just yesterday that is beautiful think on those thoughts when pains of yesterday pulls you down mentally.

            You are precious and so is your life, so live in the beauty of the small moments.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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