Fire of the Spirit

Gazing at the night sky with burnished red, orange, pink and yellow, a glowing reflection of the Suns blaze, burns ever brigher. Then once the Sun sank into the sea the sky was again lit by a fire burning bright within our firepit. Blackness sprang to life with flickers from our fires flame. Dancing firelight, burning logs and consuming breath of air.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

            How often we consider our relationship with our Heavenly Father and end our prayers with “In Jesus Name” yet leave out the Holy Spirit all together? Fire in the Spirit is what we are called to have yet so few of us have fire, why is that? It’s because the Holy Spirit is an important part of the Holy Trinity, we cannot have a strong and powerful relationship with God the Holy Trinity if we only ever build our relationship with two-thirds of the three. Our Holy Spirit IS the fire in our bellies that springs to life in the darkness of our sinful hearts and souls. We should be burning with life as dancing flames, breathing the breath of life.

            Meditation is key in giving voice to the Holy Spirit, it is when I listen in meditation to the urging of the Spirit that I connect most with that fire. Prayer is for communication verbally or like a letter with God as the recipient. Meditation is the avenue to listen for a reply by clearing your mind to listen in mental and physical silence. Open your heart and your mind with a short silent prayer for the holy spirit to fill you with fire and to know their will, then be still and come to know the Holy Spirit and partake of fire knowing all of the Holy Trinity.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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