Trust: How Can We?

Last evening, I walked to my car in the dark of night, the moon shone with an orange cast on verge of full. Cool air reached my lungs as I exhaled heat of the day. A heavy feeling weighted down on my chest as I climbed inside. Thinking it was just the air and muggy breath of the day I drove home the usual way from town. While driving down the road I listened to the still voice of the Lord tell me to go the backroads. I turned down the access road that connected the two ways and the weight within my chest lifted. I began to sing “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct that path trust therefore in the Lord.”  And peace came. Later I found out that the road I turned off had a blow out from moisture and heat. I missed running into the blow out because I turned off. Road crews spent the next week fixing several of these buckles in the road.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

            In faith we are called to Trust and Obey the Holy Trinity, yet our experience with mankind taught us, trust is seldom earned. When children ask with great hope for their parents to spend time with them, the parent replies with perfect intentions, “yes”. As the day grows long and duties to be completed build, the time to play passes by. No intention of malice or desire to disappoint, however it happens all the same. A spouse cheats on their partner, for self-gratification, with thoughts of loneliness or to pump up their ego. Most of the time it is not due to a desire to break the trust with their spouse, yet the result is exactly that. Trust is a very fragile entity that we build so much upon and when it is broken, we let it breaks us.

            Trusting God is different than trusting mankind. Our minds however let our experiences taint our ability to let go of our pain, anger, and distrust. Letting go of these things is to let God’s light into our hearts. Our sin is of self-importance that we think we can only trust ourselves. We refuse to understand that we let ourselves down and no longer deserve that trust in self when we refuse the Holy Trinity and the peace, we can receive by trusting we will be provided with what we need. The Holy Trinity helps us to manifest it if we give trust, however our doubt put a wedge that stems in the lack of trust, letting it overshadow our faith. God’s ways are higher than our ways and therefore his deeds cannot be measured by a man-made yard stick.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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