White Noise

Walking along the pathway around my work I saw a gaggle of geese gawking about. They were disrupting my quiet meandering trying to take a break from the stress within the building. I had hoped for a pandering of peaceful pondering whilst I wandered around the track. The incessant squawking got me reflecting on other aspects of my life. Although quite beautiful and proud the loud gaggle left a trail of noise pollution and purple dung on the sidewalk. After a time, their antics and bickering between each other became amusing and I found myself laughing at their social problems. As I watched, the sound of their squawking was white noise compared the story their action told.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

In fact, during this writing, I was confronted with antics and the conversation of a grandchild whose Olympic feat is talking without taking a breath. Their chatter has become a pleasant white noise that nurtures my heart and makes me smile. We can sweat the small stuff like the noise that is in our day, or we can embrace the joy of being a part of it, alive and entertained. Perception is what guides your thoughts that creates the attitude we project into our lives.  Christ gave us the beatitudes to help us understand it our attitude that matters. (The word beatitude comes from the Latin beatitudo, meaning “blessedness.”) Our attitude is our choice and how we project that into the world comes back to us. We can let things be troublesome or turn them into white noise that helps us deal with the rest of the world.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

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