Fruit of the Spirit

When we walk through a garden with Roses, it is the fruit of its plant. Walnuts, are the fruit of a Walnut Tree. Peaches, are the fruit of a Peach Tree.

Picture if Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

The fruit of the spirit is what the spirit produces, which is thought and works. It is not the fruit because we do it. It is not the fruit because we desire to go to Heaven, and we think in doing we will receive. It is because we do our heart’s desire by doing it, showing what is inside our hearts as the mirror on our interior. We may be able to fool others and they think we are wonderful because we give money, clothes, food, or whatever you already have extra of that you don’t want. It is what we give because it’s in our heart to give of ourselves and time through the urging of Gods plan for us.

            Our thoughts are also the fruit of our spirit. Thinking ill of others inside makes for a very ugly reflection. Recently I turned into my thoughts and examined them finding, an ugly being that hid from the world behind my smile. Dark and terrible thoughts were often my first thought, which came as a surprise because I “thought” I am a good person, just because I didn’t say it didn’t make it go away. It became stored away and pulled out later and mull over the darkness, no wonder my dreams were filled with nightmares. I urge you, dissect your thought before they become your actions. Then ask God to take them from you as they happen, and it is your job to search for and implement new, kind and loving thoughts. This is where meditation kicks in to help cleanse your mind of those thoughts. No one ever said faith is easy, it isn’t all on God either, we are responsible, intelligent people, and darkness breeds darkness, light breeds light, choose.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot.

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