Calm Before the Storm

Placid lake with ever so slight ripple, foreshadowing the storm reflected in your surface. Twisted
variations of gray tumble onto the scene. Dimming the green grass and up-turned leaves ready to soak up the rain. Fresh crisp air sweeps across to my lungs. Inhalation of promise, the cleansing is about to commence.

Right before an event in our lives, we are typically unaware of the energy and anticipation that occurs.
Sometimes it is a good happening and sometimes bad. Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, it is
preceded by a sweeping energy that is tangible to our heartstrings. This same energy resides within us,
it’s that wall of magnetism of a powerful speaker. The dark cloud that follows a disheartened soul. It is
the energy that builds around you by the thoughts we think and the feelings we feed by allowing them
time to fester in our mind. God is the energy we feel in church and when we pray. If we feel the love and
beauty of his spirit in those times when our thoughts are focused on him why wouldn’t we train our
thoughts to be with him every moment of every day possible? He lives in us. So why do we busy our
minds with Godless thoughts of anger, hate, jealousy, and the like? If God is in us why do we think we are
less? Less beautiful, intelligent, capable, just less…. Dwell on that which is beautiful, Greater is he that is in me than is in the world.

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