My Master’s Path

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

Truant thoughts plague my mind straying from my Master’s path, I say I love you Master I will follow wherever you lead or go. I trust in him to lead me on the best path for my life. Until something else catches my attention and my actions and thoughts follow another path. I am well on my way into the path of destruction my nose to the ground following the scent of what I thought of as important. Much like my dog dragging me in a direction we don’t normally go on our well-laid-out path we follow each night so she can do what is necessary.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

I don’t always know why I stray from the path laid out for me by God, but I get so distracted. Like my dog, I forget to pay attention to who has their hand on my leash. It is my choice to allow God to guide me throughout my life and I gladly allow that power to be in Gods hands. His plan for me is better than any I could imagine. Just think where I would be if I would only let God lead me with every step. Instead of changing the way I am going following my own thoughts that can’t possibly encompass the greatness of what I could be doing for others and my family. We must continue to renew our walk and clarify our direction that we are truly on God’s path for us so we can watch the bounty of the abundance God has in store for us.

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