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Balance Today when I sat down to pray to our Father God, I lit 3 candles representing my mind, body, and spirit, I do this every day. Fire cleanses the spirit and I am near all elements during prayer and meditation; fire, earth, water, and air. As I watched the candles before I closed myContinue reading

My Master’s Path

Truant thoughts plague my mind straying from my Master’s path, I say I love you Master I will follow wherever you lead or go. I trust in him to lead me on the best path for my life. Until something else catches my attention and my actions and thoughts follow another path. I am wellContinue reading “My Master’s Path”

White Noise

Walking along the pathway around my work I saw a gaggle of geese gawking about. They were disrupting my quiet meandering trying to take a break from the stress within the building. I had hoped for a pandering of peaceful pondering whilst I wandered around the track. The incessant squawking got me reflecting on otherContinue reading “White Noise”

Down Time

Over the weekend I went to a family reunion and many of us camp nearby to be able to spend extra time together. My father and his wife are in their 80’s and I enjoy every chance I can to just listen and be there. While camping, he in his camper and I in myContinue reading “Down Time”

Fire of the Spirit

Gazing at the night sky with burnished red, orange, pink and yellow, a glowing reflection of the Suns blaze, burns ever brigher. Then once the Sun sank into the sea the sky was again lit by a fire burning bright within our firepit. Blackness sprang to life with flickers from our fires flame. Dancing firelight,Continue reading “Fire of the Spirit”

Precious Life

Precious: Highly esteemed or cherished             When first we look upon a newborn with their innocence and promise of what their life may bring often our first thought is “How Precious”.  No matter if it is our own child or the child of someone we know, we recognize the beauty in their fresh start has notContinue reading “Precious Life”


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