I’m Gonna to Let it Shine

In the sunshine walking among cornfields, my dog wiggles her tail excitedly. Along our trail between the rows of corn what I once thought of as weeds, I now see as flowering useful plants to forage. Purple Chicory flowers, that we can roast the roots of for coffee and many others. God’s sun shines to grow these amazing plants, its energy filling them with nutrients.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

In the setting of the sun, it sinks behind the horizon and yet still shines on us. Like a well, thought out shot in a pool table game, the sun’s light reflects off the moon and banks onto the earth.

Not even its rotation stops its glow, only if it is hidden behind the fluffy clouds of rain, but that is also temporary the sun will shine again.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

We need to be like the children’s song,

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Hide it under a bush – NO! I’m gonna let it shine. Don’t let Satan blow it out. I’m gonna let it shine.”

We are so excited and build energy for our faith in the beginning and as people question it and life happens, we let them come between us and God. Our light becomes internal and not only is it under a bush, but we closed the door and locked the key, and no one knows our faith. Sometimes, God doesn’t even know because we stopped communicating in prayer and meditation. How we felt that first day, the first hour, happened because we were honest with God and ourselves. That connection tingled our toes and made us simply feel at all. That can happen every day if you are honest with God and yourself every time you pray and you feel what you say in prayer. SHINE OUT LOUD, it lightens your heart and makes you a blessing to others.

May God Bless and Keep you,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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