Bread of Life

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It is that we do not live on bread alone but on every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. This is the message I heard the other day from a Video Blog and it made me think about it a bit. I actually meditated on it in prayer. Recently I have started to meditate on Gods word and it is a step I have been thinking on for sometime as people often talk of the “enlightenment” they receive. If understanding Gods word in a deeper way is “enlightenment” then that is what I felt. In meditation on Gods word the Bible says you will gain deeper understanding if you do so as you fast. Now I am a avid advocate of food, I am a foodie. I relate to the song, “ Food Glorious Food”. However, I love God more than food and I want to know his will and message to me more than my own desires. That is a hard thing to say.

               While I was fasting, I did the usual, I went to work, I did house chores and basically carried on with my life. Changes I made are, I didn’t tell people I am fasting, and I didn’t listen to anything I normally would that takes away from my internal reflections. I listened to music without words, if it was music that I had a knowledge of I would be thinking about the words, so I listened to the healing music and nature. I listened to a couple YouTube Godly messages. No videos on politics or opinions, no rants or negative input.

               I started to think about a father type figure from my childhood that really influenced my life in a very positive way. I was hearing the lord whisper in my ear go see him last weekend, just that fleeting thought that passes through your brain nudging you to act upon a positive thought. He was in a nursing home and I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. I didn’t go. I had so many other things to do than to listen to the small still voice of the Lord. Two days later he passed away. All of this was weighting on my heart and I began to realize how wonderful I would have felt if I had listened. What a joy seeing him again would have been and knowing I had visited before his passing. Its that same voice that tells you to gift something or cash in your hand to a friend or stranger not knowing the Blessing your random act of kindness will bring.

               Thinking on all of these things “enlightened” me to understand that we do not live on bread alone that nourishes our bodies. We also live by feeding our spirit with the joy, love and peace you get from listening to words that proceedeth from the mouth of God in that small still voice. Those are the words that proceedeth from the mouth of God that we live on. He urges us to do these kind acts to Bless others, it also is food for our soul. It makes our spirit-self happy and we will grow big and strong spiritually.

God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot

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