Today when I sat down to pray to our Father God, I lit 3 candles representing my mind, body, and spirit, I do this every day. Fire cleanses the spirit and I am near all elements during prayer and meditation; fire, earth, water, and air. As I watched the candles before I closed my eyes, the one I like to think of as representing my spirit flared up with larger than normal flames so I took this picture. I thought this is how I want to be. I want my spirit to burn brightly and it be the focus of my life! I want to be like my candles!

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight
Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

As I prayed, I thought of this candle and begged the Father to make me like that flame burning so bright. Tears of supplication and love of the Father. I opened my eyes and knew this is what happens when we do not have a balance between mind, body, and spirit one of them burns out. My spirit candle had burned so much hotter it melted too much wax and it flooded over the flame, it had burned itself out. This happens to new believers they burn bright and hot and fast in their faith and burn themselves out. People do this with their minds pushing their intellect with learning in school, overloading their mind not giving enough attention to their body and spirit. This also happens with people that spend too much time with their body experiences, too much food, too much adventure, too much of anything. We all know that these things in excess create fat, broken down bodies, exhaustion, and illness.

Picture is Copyright of Patriots in the Fight

We must therefore create balance in our lives to give harmony to ourselves with mind, body, and spirit, not just one but working together to keep each other healthy. Don’t let one outshine the other or you will burn it out.

May God Bless and Keep You,

From the Desk of a Patriot.

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